5 Principals I Live By (Made My Life Much Better)

Jun 13, 2022

I just wrote a post on my Instagram about 5 principals that I live by.

Not everyone will resonate with them. That's fine because people have different approaches that work.

But I wanted to share them with you here because they have been helpful to me.

Here they go:

1 - Define your dream lifestyle, then find the right vehicle to make that lifestyle a reality. This is called Reverse Engineering. Define the final outcome, then work backward and define what must be done to get there. The right business model, the right investing strategy, the right routine. My priority is having my dream lifestyle, then my business adapts to that lifestyle. This makes the business more sustainable and every single day is a blast.

2 - Work hard because you want to, not because you have to. Find ways to get amazing results by investing the least amount of resources (time, energy, focus, money). Then decide to work hard because it makes you feel good, makes you tougher ever, and will impulse those results you are getting from the “smart hustle”. Leverage high leverage activities. What are the activities that take up the least resources, that are aligned with my dream lifestyle, and that produce the most results? Do more of those.

3 - Find the things that make me the happiest, then do more of those things. Being with X person. Being in X place. Doing X thing. I’m happier when I do more of the things that make me happy.

4 - Find a way to feel fulfilled and happy with very little, or with the simple. If I can be happy and fulfilled with the simple, my mood and well-being are less attached to external factors. In other words, a Rolex, Lambo, fancy apartment, or traveling first class won’t make me happier than I am right now. I am already happy. If you add those things, that’s a bonus. But I don’t depend on them because I already decided to be happy. This is very practical.

5 - Lead by example and with results.
I truly want to help people around me. Friends, family, and strangers. Also if I have kids then I want them to do great. This all starts by working on myself first, then having everyone watch. I work on doing well financially. I work on my body. I work on my habits. I work on my happiness. I work on my spirituality. If I want to help someone, then my results back up my words, making them see I’m not full of BS. This inspires them to model and takes action. I believe this is how you can truly help people.


Pura Vida!

- Sebastian


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