Are You Having Fun, Fren?

Jun 22, 2022

For a long time I associated making money with:

  • Stress
  • No fun
  • Pain

Nonetheless, I still did whatever I had to do to make more of it because I've always felt it's been a responsibility for me and my family.

At first, it was about me, but then later I realized it wasn't. The hustle and improving myself is for OTHERS.

To set an example and make sure they are well off. I'm a simple person and don't need much.

Give me my freedom and peace of mind and I'm good.

So I was looking to make money, but fun and enjoyment were secondary.

After some time this led to me feeling burnt out, wanting to quit everything and go live in a farm, have my own chickens, and cows and grow my own tomatoes.

You see, I was optimizing my days for money.

Not for fun and enjoyment.

Now I learned that you can have both.
In fact, you can make more money by having fun and by enjoying.

And you can make it for longer periods of time because if you have fun and enjoy the process you will do the hustle in a more sustainable way every day.

You won't be like:

"Ok I'm busting my ass right now to get X and then quitting everything in X time once I get it."

You simply will execute the tasks that need to be done while you have fun.

There will be almost no resistance. In fact, you look forward to doing it!

In 10 years I want to look back and ask myself...

"You grew your net worth by X amount, but did you enjoy and had fun these past 10 years?"

My greatest fear is to genuinely answer "no" to that question.

I want to give myself a big confident "YES".

What's the point of making all this money if we didn't enjoy the years and years of hustle?

All that time invested = precious scarce life on this planet.

You do realize in 70-80 years we won't be around?

Makes no point really.


How do you find that sweet spot?

First of all, I think it's different for everybody.

You might love to record podcasts, create Tik Toks and get on calls.

Or you might hate all the above, and you just like to write.

You gotta find what you like and then find a way to exponentially leverage that activity. And then do that activity in an environment that you like.

Here's an example:

I like recording videos. But I hate to have to set up everything in a fancy setup and make everything perfect.

I feel like it interrupts the flow of my day.

I just like to take my phone out and record. While I walk or do whatever I like.

So now I record videos while being in a place I like and enjoy.

My messaging is better, my energy is better, my vibes are better, and all this leads is to more trust and value with people.

I might still use my video setup, but it equals a less % of the time.

Here's another example:

I don't like to have a big team. I don't like complicated things. I like simplicity and only talking with a handful of people per day.

I have my team in the Philippines that has always been with me and that's it.

I plan to scale my business to multiple 6 figures per month, with the same people. Without growing my team.

Some people with more experience might think this is not possible.

But I'm ready to prove them wrong.

I will figure out the way to scale to big numbers, huge margins, and huge results to customers, with a tiny little team and organization.

These are just examples...

My point is...

I'm now optimizing my business around fun, enjoyment, and my ideal lifestyle.

The money will follow if I manage to optimize correctly.

The one thing I know is I don't plan to sacrifice fun, enjoyment, and peace of mind for numbers in a screen.

Everyone is different.

But I'm just being real with myself and this is the way I want to do things.

So ask yourself:

What really makes you happy?
What do you enjoy doing?
Where do you feel good at?

Then build your business around that and you will see how sustainable that will be.

Also, you will most likely make more money doing that.

Pura Vida,

- Sebastian

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