Don't Try to Get Rich with Crypto

Apr 17, 2022
Some people won't like this one, but it's the truth.

The fact is you will see a lot of people talking about how they made a ton of money with crypto (millions)...

What you don't hear is they were already successful with something else.

They built a business, a valuable product or service... Something they ACTUALLY controlled.

They put a big chunk of capital in the industry and made a solid 2,3,4 or 5x. Which is a TON of money.

(And yes of course there are some stories of early investors... But that's an extremely low % of people so let's not even count that.)

But a 5x on $3k is not life-changing long-term.

Which makes people take extremely risky positions to chase the 100x-1000x. To actually make life-changing $$$.

Ultimately, this gets them rekt.

Today we go deep into this topic.

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Pura Vida,

- Sebastian

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