Flipping JPEG's For a Living?

Apr 28, 2022
A few days ago I was on a call with someone that was interested in joining our networking groups for Crypto & NFTs.

This person told me he was flipping NFTs for a living.

And that he was using a very big part of his net worth to do this.

So he would go and look for new projects, try to get on "whitelists" so that he could have a chance to get the NFT first, mint them, and when they went up, sell them for a profit.

I also asked him if he had an income stream apart from what he was doing with NFTs.

The answer was "no".

I believe this is an extremely risky thing to do, and I don't recommend it to basically anyone.

The reason is very simple.

You CAN'T control the market. And since the market is the only thing that dictates how much $ you make, then you're not taking control of your future.

If you want consistency and predictability in your life, you need to take control of your future.

And not only that, you're playing with the highest risk, most volatile asset class in existence.

And yes NFTs will be huge, disruptive, and can be life-changing. But let's not ignore the fact that they are a high-risk asset class in general.

I believe a better approach would be to:

1- Build a business that produces a steady income
2- Make a research about the crypto & NFT industry
3- Slowly and gradually get exposure
4- Invest in conservative, lower risk, long-term picks
5- Craft and define your plan
6- Stay consistent with that plan

This is an approach that you have way more control of.

You want to actually invest most of your time, and energy and focus on scaling your income stream.

And then from there, get immersed in crypto & NFTs.

Because regardless of what happens with your crypto investments, you still have your income.

And if your investments do well, then double win.

I'm extremely bullish on crypto & NFTs in the long term.

This is a decade move.

But if you don't play it safe you're most likely going to get rekt.

Simple as that.

Remember, the goal is to SURVIVE.

I recorded a free training that goes deeper into this topic and how to build your portfolio from the ground up.

==> Here's the link to watch it on CryptoLaunch.com
It's 30 minutes approx. and I'm sure it will help a lot if you're interested in taking advantage of the growth of the industry without getting rekt.
Talk soon,

- Sebastian

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