How I Fix My Problems

May 23, 2022
Hey Sebastian here,

Life is simpler than we think, but we tend to overcomplicate it in our minds. Our mental voice makes things harder than they really are.

Reality is different than the crazy world full of thoughts and emotions that goes on in our head.

Because I am aware of that, I always try to look for the most practical and rational way of getting complicated problems fixed, in the simplest way possible.

Also, with the least amount of resources (time, energy, money) invested.

This process is called optimization.

I believe I'm really good at that.

So I want to share an example of how I approach this process to fix the problems I face throughout my journey. You can literally replicate this process for any problem you have. Or any area.

- Investing
- Cash flow
- Body
- Relationships

It's all about finding high impact solutions by asking the right questions, and executing the most practical actions.

Here's an example for money problems.


This creates frustration, thousands of thoughts in our heads, stress, anxiety, discussions...

In the absence of it, things start getting tough. It's like going uphill.

Every purchase generates pain. Anything that is related to money (almost everything in this world) triggers thoughts in your mind about your current financial situation...

It sucks to not have it. And it takes a lot of our energy to think about not having it.

We want the problem fixed.

Let's find a practical solution. Time to ask questions:

Ok, how do we fix this big problem?

We need to get big chunks of money consistently deposited into our account. If that happens problem fixed, right?

The answer is yes. At least from the money side.

I say big chunks, because with small chunks the problem is fixed less rapidly. You need way more deposits to fix the problem. Probably better margins, and more logistics.


How do we get those big chunks of money?

Other people need to give it to you. It won't just magically appear.

Why would they give it to you?

Because you gave them something in exchange.

What did you give them in exchange that is so valuable that they wanted to give you that big chunk of money?

Well, something that fixed a big problem they have. Something that justifies the amount by a lot. For the sender, the pain of having that problem should exceed the pain of giving you the money.

Which problem?

One that you know how to fix.

If you don't know how to fix anything, you find a big problem and learn how to fix it.

Example: Someone doesn't know how to build a website for an NFT project. You go and learn that. Full focus for 30 days and build the most badass websites.

Ok boom. Now you just came up with your service. And you will charge at least $1,000 for it (assuming it's good). The goal is to eventually charge $3,000+.

If your money problem will be solved with $10,000/month, we just need to get you 10 sales per month. 1 every 3 days.


Well, you need to talk with people on the phone (that's the fastest way).

So to fix your problem, you need to get on the phone with people and sell your $1,000 service. If you do that enough times, then you fix your money problem.

Ok so technically, if you could find a way to get on 3 calls per day, which is 9 calls every 3 days, and close around 10%, then your root problem is fixed, right?

How do you get on 3 calls per day?

People need to see a post telling them to book a call.

Who posts it?

You need to post.

Post about what?

About the problem that people want fixed. About your topic. About your $1,000 service. Content about that topic that people want to see.

Why would they book a call?

Because they know you like you and trust you. They receive value from you.

How many posts?

Let's say 3 per day for faster results.

But I don't know how to do all these things!

You learn.

Ok so your money problem should be fixed by posting valuable content 3x per day.

Can you see how we identified the root solution to fix your painful problem?

It really came down to a core action of posting (in this case).

Posting = High impact activity for your life

Posting led to other results:

Post --> Call --> Sell service --> Big chunk of money

The energy that you were using to worry about money should now be used to post.

Posting is the first thing you do to fix your problem. You will have to do other things too, and details need to be figured out.

But posting gets you aligned with fixing your problem.

Same energy expenditure. But one doesn't fix the problem, and the other one directly fixes the problem because it gets you aligned with the outcome of getting big chunks of money deposited to your account.

What's the whole point of this rant?

All the things that you worry about have practical solutions.

You just need to ask the right questions to find the answers.

Once you find the answers, use your energy to execute the high impact actions that fix the problem.

Once the problem is fixed your life drastically improves. You feel good.

We could also do this for fixing a body fat problem.

After applying the same process, it would eventually lead us to the solution of a daily 45 minute workout and tracking calories. That fixes the problem. That's literally it.

And once you do that for all your areas, after 1 year most of your problems are gone.

New ones arise, but now you are good at this optimization process. So you just repeat it.

You become a beast problem solver.

I feel that's what I have done for 7 years. Just repeating this process daily and becoming good at finding solutions to problems that I face as well as that others face.

This is why I've had consulting businesses for years.

I find solutions for my own problems, then charge money to help others fix their problems.

This is a sexy skill to have, and you can start developing it starting to day to build your dream life.

Ask yourself the right questions, and take action.

Your life will change.

- Sebastian

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