How to Make Money (Seriously)

May 25, 2022

I've been working on making money by myself for 8-9 years already. Mainly with an online business and making several investments.

I've never had a 9-5 job.

I've tried dozens of different things when it comes to making money with the internet.

So in this post, I literally want to lay out the best way I've found to make money while building a business that allows me to live the lifestyle I want.

I'm not a trillionaire, but I definitely live life on my terms and I know a lot of people want to do that.

But before I tell you that, I want to tell you something.

It's not really about knowing what to do.

I think most people already know.

Kinda like people already know they should exercise daily, but most people don't do it.

So the biggest obstacle is not a lack of information (in most cases).

The biggest obstacle is simply doing it, and having the courage to figure out the details along the way.


"Ok let's do this sh*t. I'll get started and figure out the details along the way. I'm not going to expect anyone to do this for me or teach me. Let's just do this UNTIL."

I won't go super deep in each part.

I'll just tell you the big picture.

Here is my favorite way to make money while still having the lifestyle I want:

  1. Build an online business: Build a business where you can do 100% of the operations with a laptop. If you do this, you can work from any place in the world and still get the same results. You have location freedom and you can either decide to live on the beach, city, or the mountain. Makes no difference. You just move to the location that makes your life more enjoyable.
  2. Pick a niche: What's the topic for your business? Choose a niche that you ENJOY, and a niche where you can charge HIGH prices (at least $1k). You might love one niche, but maybe it's not as good as another one you also like where you can charge more.
  3. Create content daily: Start recording content daily about your niche. Content about what? Get ideas from other profiles that are in the same niche. Model what works. Upload content even if you don't have anything to sell. Just upload it daily and don't think about it much. Most people get stuck here. If you don't create content you will have a really hard time making money on the Internet. If you don't want to do this, sorry but you don't really want to make money. It's that simple.
  4. Sell high ticket: Sell something for at least $1,000. I've tried low ticket, recurring and high ticket. There is nothing like a high ticket. Every time I tried another method, I ALWAYS go back to the high ticket. Bigger margins, fewer customers, more client results, more money, fewer problems, dream customers... The advantages are endless. I prefer to get 10 $5,000 customers per month, then 500 $100 customers. I say at least $1,000, but ideally $2,000+. Your goal should be to be the most expensive option in your market. Not the 2nd most expensive. THE most expensive. With this model, your margins should be at least 50%.
  5. "Send me a DM": When you create content, tell people "send me a DM to learn more". When they send you a DM, you will talk with them to see what they need.
  6. Schedule call: After you talk with them for a bit via DM, tell them to schedule a call. Ok now they schedule and you have the call in your calendar. Get on the call, see what they need and if your offer sounds like it's aligned with what they need, then just tell the person about it. Say the price. Wait for a yes/no. That's it.
  7. Repeat: Content -->  DM --> call --> yes/no. Do this 1,000 times until you make $1M.
  8. Invest: Invest every month like clockwork on appreciating assets. Crypto, stocks, real estate... Whatever you prefer. I think if you want to make FU money, investing in crypto for the next 10 years gives you a way higher chance of really multiplying your capital. I believe my investments will make me a lot more than my hustle money in the next decade.
  9. Business + Investing: Run the high ticket business parallel to your investments. Scale the income as much as possible, and keep investing. Create the habit of investing. Every week or every month. Dollar-cost average. Put your new money to work for you. Every $1 you make for your business should be converted to $10 in the future. That's leverage. You will eventually run out of time in your life so it's not sustainable to trade time for money.

That's my favorite way to make money.

That's what has worked for me.

That's one way YOU can do it.

No excuses for not knowing what to do.

Figure out the details and get it done.

Go change your life.

There are thousands of other ways.

But that one allows me to make a lot of money, while working from any place, on my own terms.

Plus it's designed to create more results the more time that goes by without really investing more time and energy (because of the investments).

Alright, that's it for this one.

Hope you found it valuable.
Talk soon!

- Sebastian

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