I F*ckn Hated It

May 14, 2022

When I was on high school, I asked myself:

"Is it really REALLY possible to have a business that allows me to do anything I want?"

I mean...

Like work, make good money, but also have time to do anything I want.

If I want to take a break any random time, I just do it and go do something else.

Gym, ride my bike or read.

Because I want to do it and I feel like doing it.

"Is that REALLY possible?!", I asked myself...

I mean, it sounded too good to be true.

Everyone around you would not even contemplate that idea.

For them, business means pain, stress, and way too much risk.

No time for anything.

Customers, and tons of things to do. Make money, but that would come with the cost of eternal sacrifice and stress.

Same for a job. You work and you get money. But you can't just randomly leave to do things you want.

So in my head, I didn't know if it was just a fantasy of mine, or if I could actually build something like that.

So I will tell you what I have found...

It is absolutely possible to build a business that is 100% aligned with the lifestyle you want.

But you need to build it with that concept in mind from the ground up.

You can build a business or investment strategy that is aligned with your DREAM LIFESTYLE.


You can also build a business and investment strategy that makes you freaking miserable and you hate it.

Both ways can make you money.

You just need to decide on which approach you will use.

Here's an example:

I remember when I was running my marketing agency by myself. I had no team.

I was creating content, reaching out to people via DM's, getting on sales calls, then onboarding clients, then doing all the work for their business, running ads, getting on follow up calls, support emails, and having to deal with all the typical situations that come up with marketing customers.

  • "Why do I have fewer leads today?"
  • "Why are the leads not buying when I sell in the phone, ads must be broken. My pitch is perfect!"
  • "Why am I not making money now?!"

I was making good money with this marketing agency.

(Marketing agency = me doing everything lol.)

But I hated it.

I f*ckn hated it.

I didn't have time to do anything and I was all stressed out.

I couldn't go and randomly hit the gym because I had calls all day. Other people controlled my time (AKA my life)

I was spending more time building other people's businesses than on my own.

That's when I started building a team and trying to modify my approach.

Eventually, it became more manageable.

But still, building a marketing agency was not 100% aligned with the lifestyle that made me happy.

So I asked some people about this to see if I could get some feedback...

And they said:

"Sometimes you have to sacrifice and do things you don't want to do."

"Sometimes you can't get everything you want."

"That's just how life works, if you want to make money keep grinding"

But my mind was just telling me:

"Dude this is BS! Why can't you just find a way to make a ton of money, while still having my dream ideal lifestyle?"

So I was in the middle of this debate. I asked myself:

"Was having a stressful business/life just part of the process to make $$$? And I just had to deal with the idea that we need to do things that stress us out? Is that just how it works?"

But then I also asked myself:

"Maybe this person is telling me this because they never managed to crack that code and align their business perfectly with their lifestyle. They reached a conclusion that it's not possible to have that perfect alignment, so that's why they told me it's not possible. Because they couldn't do it."

I reached the conclusion that it is 100% possible to build a business that you love. Where MOST of the things you do, you enjoy doing. Where it 100% aligns with your lifestyle.

You just need to build it that way.


  • Hate recording videos? --> Do email marketing, screen-sharing tutorials, go anonymous with an NFT PFP. Just knows this comes with the cost of not having so much trust with your audience. The question is... are you willing to make that trade?
  • Hate getting on calls? --> Get a salesperson. Teach them the script. Outsource that. Just know it might come with the cost of lower conversions (maybe people trust you more that the salesperson).
  • Hate having 1-1 clients --> Build your business where value can be given as a group. Maybe you can't charge as much? That's debatable. Are you willing to make that trade?

And so on...

You HAVE control.

You just need to decide.

After busting my butt off for 7 years in marketing and trying everything...

I'm not willing to sacrifice peace of mind and my freedom for some extra dollars on my screen.

Money is important, but not THAT much to me.

After basic necessities are covered and you literally have everything that you NEED, ultimately, for me, other things become more important.

Time, experiences, freedom, peace of mind, studying other things...

Ultimately, we die and we don't take anything with us.

What mattered the most was enjoying the time on this earth and making the most out of it.

Plus I think there are way more practical ways to increase my net worth by the same amount of more withOUT the stress.

Personally, I'm building my business to serve me, not for me to become a slave of my business.

This is why now I'm building the infrastructure from the group to have a business that's 100% aligned with my lifestyle.

If I don't do it, who will do it for me?

I'm outsourcing all the things that I don't want to do.

Doing my best in the things I enjoy doing.

I believe even with perfect alignment, building an extremely profitable business is possible.


If you don't think it's possible...

You won't even try to make the change.

If you agree that eternal stress and suffering it's just part of the process, you won't make the changes to be aligned.

You'll just accept "reality".

Your reality is what you choose it to be. You have control to change things around.

And while YES, there will be some moments that are stressful regardless of your approach, in GENERAL, it's aligned and you find enjoyment.

This is simply what I have realized in my journey. We have the power to decide and build custom businesses and lifestyles.

That's it for this one.

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