If You Feel in a Plateau

May 02, 2022

Many times in the past 8 years (more than I can remember), I've felt like I reached a plateau.

What this means is that I've felt stuck where I am, feeling like I'm not making as much progress as I would like towards my goal.

People can feel at a plateau regardless of how much they make or have.

You may feel at a plateau at $1M/month.

You may also feel a plateau at $500/month.

We might also feel at a plateau with our fitness goals, or spiritually.

Basically, not making progress.

If you've also felt like this sometimes, you know it doesn't feel good.

We may often associate that with failure.

Or feeling lost.

We feel off track.

I want to tell you how I've quickly fixed this.

First I analyze:

- My current actions
- My current results

Then I analyze:

- The results I want
- The actions I need to take to get those results

I quickly identify what is wrong (<-- key).

Then I quickly create a challenge for myself and make a drastic change.


Been hitting the gym 3x per week, but still no results.
I want to have a 6 pack.

Alright, I need to hit the gym every day, and count my calories (which I was not doing).

Then BOOM implement those changes to my daily routine together with a 30 day challenge to go with it, to make sure every day I implement that new action.

It's really that simple.

  • You look at the result you want.
  • You look at the actions you know you need to execute (most of us already know deep down)
  • Then you actually do those things

Basically, if you want a change, you actually make a change.

If you don't want it that much, then you keep doing what you're doing if you want.

If you feel you've plateaud, and you want to get a different results, then you will most likely need another set of actions.

Doing the same thing forever might keep you stuck in the plateau forever.

That's it for this one,

Have a great week!

- Sebastian

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