PLEASE Make Sure You Don't Forget This..

Jun 09, 2022

Hey Sebastian here,

PLEASE, read the following...

There is 1 main lesson I have learned about investing.

I have done this well many times... But I f*cked it up other times as well.

When I did it, I made a ton of money.

When I didn't do it, I lost several tens of thousands of $.

So I want to share this with you again here so you don't forget it.


Here it goes:

In my own personal experience, what I have seen that works to do well when investing is:

Start buying when it's down. During a crash. During fearful uncertain times. Dollar-cost average.

Do not go all in when everything is going up a lot!

Buy when it's down and boring. When no one is buying.

Then just wait.

And as you wait, keep growing your business and increase your cash flow.

When the market goes back up, you're killing it with your business and your investments can be making you more money on paper than your business!

Everything is good...

Just look at this Bitcoin chart for example.

I'm not making this up.

Historically if you bought every time it went down and you waited, you did well.


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